This week I'm having dinner on a tray while I still can - January's greatest kindness. Plus an easy recipe for pork chops with capers and crème fraîche sauce.
This week, I share the story of how we fell in love with a house and then all hell broke loose. Highly recommend.
This week, I think about where and what is home, get sentimental in front of a crowd, and make a delicious chicken à la normande.
What could improve a perfect salad? Turning it into a pie. Also, if you're in Manchester this Friday, I'll be talking and cooking at the Destinations…
This weekend I’m staying home, eating soup, and I couldn’t be happier. What are you up to? Nothing, I hope.
Today I am looking forward and looking out – new windows, new plans, old friends and new visitors.
I wish you the very best Christmas. As a thank you for all your kindness and support this year, I offer you a winter salad to keep the scurvy at bay…
This week, I acknowledge not all can be chocolate, cheese and mince pies and make a huge pot of vegetable soup, for health.
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