Planting my garden, powered by mustard, and a recipe for roast chicken with potatoes that taste just like the delicious ones you buy with rotisserie…
This week, the first strawberries, artichokes and asparagus appear in the market. And a recipe for those days when simply dipping asparagus in melted…
The irresistible allure of second hand cookbooks, reinventing old menus and a recipe for chard gratin.
Like lots of cooks, I love to garden. It’s the nurturing thing. It has frustrated me, these past months, to look out at the space in front of our house…
The soil warms up, the first asparagus arrives in the market, and the village gets busy. There is also a cat who says “maman”, if that’s your sort of…
I’ve missed you, you know, these past couple of weeks while I’ve been away.

February 2023

I am sending you huge apologies that there is no newsletter today.
Another day another market, some history, and a recipe for salt cod gratin.
Today I share a recipe for rice pudding, and suggestions for making your own vanilla sugar and extract, perfect rainy day activities.
To some, it’s the most important hour of the day. How survive the apéro hour without causing an international incident. Plus a recipe for a cake sale.
Nora Ephron, Heartburn, and how to make the perfect vinaigrette.

January 2023

This week I'm having dinner on a tray while I still can - January's greatest kindness. Plus an easy recipe for pork chops with capers and crème fraîche…